A Movie Review by Cole: Toy Story 4 (Spoiler-Free)

Over the last weekend, McKenna and I went to see the latest and last in the Toy Story franchise at our local theater, and what I will say is, Pixar has done it yet again! As this is a spoiler-free review, major plot details will not be shared here, just what is needed to express my love for this movie and why you should see it.

Toy Story came out when McKenna and I were both around 2 years old, in 1995. Feel old yet? I do! Again, Toy Story 4 is the final ending of the adventures of Andy’s toys, and it tugged at my heartstrings very strongly. From the trailer we know that Woody and Bo Peep are reunited, and seeing their relationship rekindled and evolve throughout the movie as well as the journey of the other toys like Buzz Lightyear et al, was a highlight. Also, the introduction of Forky, Bonnie’s newest toy, played a huge part in the overall plot and further emphasizes Woody’s heart for helping other toys and their kids. It has sizeable (no pun intended) action, the story itself is well-orchestrated and there is, of course, plenty of humor, much of which meant for the parents. Also, the parents and their kids enjoyed it equally but on different levels. Parents & younger adults grew up with the previous movies so there is a strong sense if nostalgia, and the kids enjoyed it for the action and fun that the characters had, regardless of whether they saw the others or not.

Honestly, I could find little to no fault with this movie. Ever since the first Toy Story, they have delivered time and time again, and this one may be their greatest to date. It is an emotional and satisfying conclusion to the journey of these characters that we have known for 24 years. I was an emotional wreck for the second half of the film, so that should be a good indicator. I give this one a 5 out of 5 no problem, absolutely recommend for parents and kids, single adults and elder millennial couples like McKenna and I. Go see it, alone or with kids, you will not be disappointed.

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