Employee, Childcare Provider, Teammate and NANNY

Webster’s Dictionary defines Nanny as, “a child’s nurse or caregiver”. Nannies are that and so much more! When most people think of nannies they think “babysitter”; nannies are so much more! Other’s think “overpaid, glorified diaper changer”; nannies are so much more.

Yes, as a nanny I do watch over your children, I do change diapers, make lunches, snacks and everything in between. However, in my mind when I think of a babysitter I imagine a 16 year old high schooler coming over for a few hours while you go to dinner. Most of the time when I babysit for people, they are gone for 3 to 4 hours max, usually its in the evening. At sitting jobs I’m often not expected to plan or sometimes not even cook meals. I don’t have to plan activities, worry about schedules, appointments, or your family’s life outside of those few hours.

As a nanny things are quite different. I love your children as much as you do. Your family becomes mine and your children become a part of me. When you hire me as a nanny, I hope that you think of me as an extension of your parenting team. I am in no way trying to knock babysitters, I even have families that I sit for occasionally. But I do want people to understand and respect the difference. Being a nanny means making the commitment to whole-heartedly love a child that isn’t yours.

For you, hiring me means doctor’s appointments, park play dates, educational planning, parent teacher conferences, taxi driver and household helper.

For them, your children, having “nanny” or “Ms. Kenna” means cuddling them when they have the flu, knowing how they like their sandwich cut, an extra hand to hold, a teacher, lunch buddy and most importantly a friend!

Sometimes I may spend more time with your child during the day then you get to. I may be the first person they see in the morning and the last person they see before they go to bed. I will spend my days off planning, activities themed toward a holiday or lesson, organize trips to the museum, zoo and brainstorming ideas for the upcoming snow days. I will invent reward systems for potty training, good behavior, and chores. For me, being a part of your child’s life means creating a lifelong bond, finding joy in watching them learn, grow and become wonderful people.

I am not a babysitter, I am your teammate, employee, partner. I am a diaper-changing, toddler-chasing, lesson-planning, loving part of your family. Yes, I get paid well, yes sold people may think I am overpaid. If you do, that’s fine. There are more affordable options for childcare. But when you pay me, know this… you are paying someone to come into your home, your child’s space. Not dropping them off at a daycare center. You are paying me to plan and make your child’s favorite meals, not eat the same commercial meal as everyone else no matter if they like it or not. There are so many more examples and there is a huge difference.


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