Winter Arthritis… I Can’t Even…

Winter is inevitable and for people like me who suffer from arthritis this can mean a season of constant aches and pains. For me the weather-related arthritis pain can be debilitating. Even with regular medication I can go from walking around my house to being stuck in one place barely able to do anything. Inspired by the -54-degree temps these last few days I thought I would share my tips and tricks for surviving this tough season.

  1. So this may seem like an obvious suggestion but HEAT is a lifesaver! In whatever form you can get it heat is key. Heating pads, blankets, and mattress pads can be a godsend, Not only is it good for my arthritis but it also for the muscle stiffness from my CP when it’s cold. Some days I will shower a few times a day just because the warm water makes such a difference.
  2. Anti-inflammatory meds are a big help when it comes to flare ups. Ibuprofen is the easiest option simply because you can buy it anywhere: Advil and Motrin are great types of ibuprofen. While OTC meds can be helpful sometimes, they don’t quite get the job done.  In these cases, corticosteroids can be helpful although carry more side effects than OTC meds. These steroids can come in either pill or injection form. Personally, I have chosen the injections multiple times in my hips, and back.
  3. Massage is helpful if you can tolerate it. Usually when I am in a lot of pain, the last thing I want is to be touched so that would depend on preference. Here is the EO blend that I use for arthritis pain.

When all else fails, pajamas, and a plush blanket and snuggling up with a movie is my go to distraction from pain.

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