Meet Cat’n Sparrow

We have had Sparrow for awhile but we realized we haven’t introduced her on our blog. We got her when she was around 2 months old. She was a perfect fit right away. She was litter box trained and eating solid food. Sparrow and Cole became buddies right away. She became a total daddies girl

She was a snuggle buddy right off the bat. She is energetic and playful as can be! Her teething makes Coles metal swords the best toy! She could play non-stop. Like most cats she can run and go crazy all night long which means sometimes we don’t sleep so well!

she loves attention from anyone who comes over! She is a curious kitty so if you come to our house prepare to be thoroughly investigated by her.

Cole even got allergy testing a few months ago to help make it easier to have her around as he is slightly allergic to cats. He puts her in his face so it must be working! She’s now 6 months old and definitely maturing wayyyy too fast. She’s not a little kitty anymore. 😥 Besides all this, she has her own unique personality, lot of sass in a small bit of cat. You should see her playing with her toys!

All this to say, with her sassy personality, her trademark intrigue for anything she can get her paws on and her daddy’s girl complex, Sparrow has been an amazing addition to our family and a perfect fit for us homebodies.

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