Submitted by: Dave Thrush

I’ve been asked to write a paragraph or two for this page so here goes…
My son (below) was born in 1993 after a pregnancy that my ex experienced with a lot of complications. She had Toxemia which can be deadly for both the mother and the baby.
Months before Cole’s birth our doctor and a few specialists told us “Your son will be deformed” and our main doctor suggested abortion…interestingly our son was not deformed when born…

I was angry at the suggestion of abortion and let the doctor know that…There’s no way my child was going to be aborted even if not so called “perfect”.

Seven months later the doctor said the baby needs to come out now or it’s going to get dangerous for the mother and the child…so I took my then wife to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, Calif. and the C section was performed bringing our beautiful son into the world at 2 pounds 2 ounces and about the size of a loaf of bread.

Cole spent 3 full months in NICU at Hoag Hospital where he received great care and was growing and thriving when at about 6 weeks the hospital called us in to say that our son contracted a blood infection from a mishandled blood transfusion. We were never told who mishandled the transfusion that caused the infection that nearly killed our Baby boy…

We had numerous people from all over the country praying for Cole that he would get well and come home from the hospital which he did…Cole survived the infection and was released after three full months in NICU to the joy of his parents and all concerned…

Cole is the Husband as well as the administrator of this Website and is now 25, married last year in North Dakota where I performed the music for their wedding, has a four year degree from Colo. Christian University and has Aspergers syndrome which has not stopped him at all in his life from accomplishing what he wants to do…Thanks for reading.


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