Submitted by Jessica Blankenship

“Heaven Eliza Lynn was born at 27 weeks October 22, 2008 by emergency csection, weighing in at 1 pound, 12 ounces and 13 in long. The journey began when I her mother woke up three days prior swollen and so very sick. My husband took me to the nearest hospital, that hospital sent me to another hospital and I was sent to another hospital who told me they would deliver but baby would be sent to another hospital. Finally they sent me to a hospital that both could care for the baby and I. Heaven was on the ventilator for five days, I watched her grow in an incubator as if she was still i. The womb, her skin was transparent, she was such a fighter. We spent two months in the NICU. Her first Thanksgiving and Christmas was spent in the NICU. I believe having Heaven so early has made me a stronger person. Many prayers sitting in that NiCU. Heaven is truly my miracle baby, there was no other name for her because I believe she was sent from up above. She is smart, beautiful, sometimes feisty and loves sports. Almost a ten year old.”


Published by McKenna_Thrush

You may be wondering what makes our relationship so unique... Cole has Asperger's, and I (McKenna) have Cerebral Palsy. The challenges of life, coupled with our disabilities can make for a pretty interesting day-to-day life. In fact our life sometimes seems like anything but day-to-day. ​I suppose the same can be said for our relationship from the beginning. We started dating just over 2 years ago and decided that we wanted to have a courtship than your typical dating relationship. The purpose of showing people our lives, is to show people that disability doesn't need to stop you from reaching your goals. You can still go to college, live independently, get married, and even have a family regardless of the cards you are dealt. We may not be your typical couple. we may not live "normal lives" but that doesn't stop us from living the best life we can!

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