We Have an Announcement!

Hey Guys!
So it’s been awhile since we’ve posted but we’ve been holding off because we have a big announcement to make!


We are over the moon with excitement for our newest addition! Given our last pregnancy we didn’t want to announce too early but now that we’ve made it “Facebook official” we decided it is safe to tell. We’ll try to make a video later this weekend.
I (McKenna) and 13 weeks which means I am almost through my first trimester and finally starting to show. Despite never ending urge to pee all day and all night, I couldn’t be more thrilled. My morning sickness seems to be ending which I am beyond thankful for!
My past surgical history and scars mean that I see section could be a little complicated so I’m going to be seeing a local OB and traveling to Minnesota to see a specialist. This means that over the next few months there will be lots of road trips. Aside from the possible issues with scar tissue during a C-section, there are no health issues or other worries at this point in my pregnancy, Which is such a blessing! I do you have to be careful because I am a less active person due to my mobility issues so this puts me at a higher risk of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. But all of these things are manageable with doctors care and me watching my diet and activity level. My major fatigue due to this pregnancy means that I’ve been slacking on the videos and blog updates but I will be sure to update the blog accordingly throughout the pregnancy. We are still planning on moving into our new house within the next few weeks which is super exciting! Renovations are still underway but we started moving furniture and getting things ready which is always exciting. I will make a photo album for pregnancy photos here, as well as renovation update because I realized that I have been making videos about them but not posting anything on the blog. So you can check out the renovation pictures here!
we couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to share our news with everyone who reads our blog! And we are so excited that you will be able to follow us on our journey! Stay tuned for more baby related news

❤️ The Thrush’s

Published by McKenna_Thrush

You may be wondering what makes our relationship so unique... Cole has Asperger's, and I (McKenna) have Cerebral Palsy. The challenges of life, coupled with our disabilities can make for a pretty interesting day-to-day life. In fact our life sometimes seems like anything but day-to-day. ​I suppose the same can be said for our relationship from the beginning. We started dating just over 2 years ago and decided that we wanted to have a courtship than your typical dating relationship. The purpose of showing people our lives, is to show people that disability doesn't need to stop you from reaching your goals. You can still go to college, live independently, get married, and even have a family regardless of the cards you are dealt. We may not be your typical couple. we may not live "normal lives" but that doesn't stop us from living the best life we can!

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